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Big Chief has been a trusted name in Tecumseh since 1954. Through the years, original owner Norm Gauthier, grew with the company under the name “Norm’s Big Chief” and was a contributing founder and responsible for the Garage Bay expansion in 1957. Decades later, Norm’s son, Dave Gauthier bought the business and continued the tradition of Full Service Fuel and Automotive Service in Tecumseh, under the name “Dave’s Big Chief”. Like his father, Dave watched the town of Tecumseh grow and expand, just like the business.

In 1991 during their time at the pumps and in the garage, Dave and his staff were witnesses to the water tower being built, ever changing the face of Tecumseh. In Fall of 1993, Dave hired a fuel attendant named Fred Vanier. Through the years, he grew with the business and in December of 1999, Fred became a Red Sealed Automotive Service Technician. For 24 years, Fred has been a friendly face and a trusted mechanic at Dave’s Big Chief. Upon Dave’s retirement, ending the calendar year of 2016, Fred had become the new proprietor.

Taking ownership January 1st, 2017, as per tradition, Fred soon changed the name to “Fred’s Big Chief”. Continuing and sustaining the excellent and award winning service that the customers have come to know throughout the years. This foundation is set with quality, integrity and professionalism that has served for generations. ‘Big Chief’ has provided fast and friendly service and this work ethic will continue to be the cornerstone our business is built on.

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